Cloud Services - How They Improve The Speed of Your Online Business!

Cloud Services - How They Improve The Speed of Your Online Business!

An online business that moves slow will cause multiple issues for its owner. First off, search engines will check the performance and won’t put you on the first page if you don’t fix this element. Secondly, the speed is related to the number of visitors and the way they feel when arriving on the website. Cloud computing technology is an amazing choice if you want faster resources!


How does the network change?

Performance has a huge impact on your IT team's productivity and the number of customers. To retain more people, you have to adapt to the latest standards. The key to a fast website is low latency. When you process a high volume of data, you might experience delays on a regular computer. On the other hand, nothing is going to happen when we talk about an optimized server. Cloud vendors generally have centers in multiple locations, but you could also invest into CDN software for better results. All the machines are supported by a team dedicated to their cloud business, so you won’t have worries.


What should you know about product development and deployment?

Unlike most hosting packages, cloud computing is great as a testing environment too. Your employees will be able to run multiple tests and find out fast whether the website or the apps you created have any errors. You can practice CI/CD and everything will be less complicated. Thanks to its power, you will run many tasks simultaneously. You’re also allowed to work directly in Linux, making the changes without rebooting the operating system. When the project is moved, that’s also a great moment for implementing new changes that ensure the workflows are still the best.


What’s a realistic uptime for cloud computing?

Cloud providers offer uptime guarantees, but not every alternative is going to be the best. For instance, when you select a 98% offer, you get 7 days of downtime/year. That’s why it will be better to stick with 99.9 percent. This ensures your project is accessible all the time and multiple team members can work on it – no matter the hour or the day. Don’t fall for 100% uptime promises, because they’re not real. All servers need maintenance and lack of it is a bad sign.

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