How much does web hosting affect website speed?

How much does web hosting affect website speed?

Are you struggling to make your website faster? It’s not so easy to increase your page loading time response, especially when you’re dealing with problems you’re not aware of. Web hosting plays a huge role in this scenario and shouldn’t be an overlooked factor. In this article, you will understand why, then we’ll discuss potential solutions.


What makes speed so important?

We live into a fast era, where every second online really does matter. That means your brand reputation is on the line and you don’t afford to get a negative impact. People aren’t as patient as they were in the past, so most of them are going to leave the pages that don’t show content in 3 seconds or less. There’s a link between speed and search engine rankings, especially because it’s about UX. Slower sites won’t be shown on the first page, because everyone wants a better alternative. On the other hand, you’ll get better results if you adapt to the new changes.


What to look for in a hosting package?

First off, you need to pay attention to tehnology. There are 2 types of hard drives to consider – solid state drives(SSDs) and hard disk drives(HDDs). The first option increase speed up to 100 times thanks to its flash memory that’s much faster than physically writing data.

Secondly, the resources matter as well, so does the hosting category. Usually 2GB RAM space should be enough for a small website, but bigger companies might opt for a VPS with better bandwidth and an operation system. A simple upgrade of the web hosting plan can make significant changes. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering the price is not the only factor you should take into consideration. Analyze your current status and things are going to be much simpler.



Speed is extremely important for an online business and sometimes making small adjustments in your content is not going to be enough to handle this part. Now that you’re ready to buy a new web hosting plan, don’t forget to compare what services are being offered as well. Choosing the right solution will provide a better connection between server and website, so you won’t have to worry about this in the future.

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