What factors to consider if you’re searching for the perfect hosting package?

What factors to consider if you’re searching for the perfect hosting package?

Choosing the right hosting provider is a real challenge, since the market is oversaturated with offers. There are thousands of alternatives and your job is to make the difference between what you’re seeing. Paying attention to small details can help you more in the long term, rather than buying in a hurry. Here are the most important factors to consider!


1. Physical location

Do you have a local business or you address a certain country? If that’s the case, then you need a hosting provider that’s closer to you. This will ensure a high-speed and great UX for your visitors. People aren’t patient anymore and won’t wait more than 2 seconds to access your pages. It’s important to adapt within the same standards and consider where your hosting resources are coming from. If your server is far away, it will cause a delay in data transfer. Page speed is also linked to the bounce rate. Visitors should stay as much as possible on your website, otherwise your page ranking will be affected. A suitable location ensures fast loading.


2. Uptime

Uptime represents the amount of time when your website stays up and running. Since you’re in the online environment, there shouldn’t be closed hours. Uptime is an important measure of how good a provider is at taking care of the servers, most times being listed as a percentage. Aim for packages that provide 99,9% uptime because anything less is going to add up. For instance, a percentage of only 98% means there will be 28.8 minutes/day or 3.4 hours/week or 14.4 hours/month or 7.3 days/year downtime. In comparison, the maximum percentage comes up with just 1.44 minutes/day or 0.17 hours/week or 0.72 hours/month or 8.8 hours/year downtime.


3. Backup Service

Even if most hosting providers offer the possibility to add automated back-up in their packages, this usually means another monthly investment. Consequently, it’s better to search for a brand that includes the same services for free. You should not perform all your backups yourself, since it’s a task that you’ll forget to do. An automated software will guarantee frequency and give you the chance to restore multiple variations of files and databases. For most websites, it’s best to have daily backups ready for worst case scenarios.


How to make sure you’re not overpaying for web hosting?

Every dollar counts, but that doesn’t mean price is everything. Select a web hosting that has enough resources for your website to remain active in the initial stage. If you want to be sure you’re not overpaying, look for the pay-as-you-grow packages. This way you will get the best costs and the resources will increase as the traffic comes. Also, select a web hosting that includes a money back guarantee. As your website gets popular, you’ll be able to handle the changes much easier.

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