What is web hosting? A beginner’s guide to choose the best package!

What is web hosting? A beginner’s guide to choose the best package!

Web hosting is an online service that allows you to maintain a website on the internet. Since all the content you see when you scroll on search engines is kept under some computers, providers come up with the right technology for the same purpose. Whether you’d like to launch a personal project or a full time business, you need to rent space and other resources. Here’s what you should know about it!


How does web hosting work?

The computer (server) runs 24/7 to make sure the content is available for visitors all the time. They need to type in a domain, which usually ends in .com. However, you might as well buy different extensions made for specific situations(ex:.org,.art,.store). While some companies decide to have their own host, this implies big costs and an infrastructure hard to handle. For the same reason, it’s better to just pay a small monthly fee. You simplify your life and also have time to test your ideas.


What features should you be searching for?

First off, any brand needs an email address to communicate with potential clients. Having an extension like .gmail or .yahoo isn’t going to look professional or trustworthy. It’s just much simpler to use a domain email account(ex:yourname@yourwebsite).com. Another important aspect is the hardware. If you aim for quality, make sure you get SSD/NVMe technology. HDDs are cheaper, but they make the website slow and will hurt your reputation in the long term. How about security? Automated backups protect your data and help people stay in a safe space. If you decide to get this benefit separately, you will end up paying more money for something that could be free.


What are the most important hosting services?

When you want to buy a hosting package, you will have lots of options. Consequently, you will feel confused and might even give up. Ideally, you should start with shared hosting. That means multiple users share the same resources, including memory and processing power. Thanks to this process, everything is affordable. Technical expertise is not required, neither to manage what’s happening. VPS web hosting is a great option when you start getting traffic or if you have a big budget in mind for paid advertising. This option fits perfectly for rapidly growing websites.


Should you get free hosting?

In order to publish your content online, your business needs hosting services. On the other hand, keep in mind anything that’s free will come with limitations. That include ads, no customization and restrictions for monetization. A paid web hosting service ensures a better experience and it won’t hurt your budget if you choose it carefully.

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