Why should your web hosting plan have automated backup available?

Why should your web hosting plan have automated backup available?

Backups are great to protect your website data from being deleted or damaged in any way. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make them manually each week. That’s why you need an automated process to handle such tasks. Many online businesses invest in additional software for the same benefit, but that’s not always the right idea. Instead, you might get away as well with a web hosting plan that includes the right security features.


How does automated backup work?

Automated backups in web hosting are created daily by your provider. They are usually updated each 24 hours into cPanel, where most are available through a simple user interface. You don’t need to take any other action, nor pay for a new program to recover the info. However, nothing stops you from setting up additional backups in new versions. This can be done either fully or partially, saving just a small part of the content.


What are the advantages?

Unlike manual backups, everything is going to be much easier. You don’t need to remember to back up manually. Instead, all you have to do is let the system follow its schedule. There’s no chance for human errors, so you might expect impeccable accuracy. It’s also a great idea to have automated backups when you make changes frequently, because you don’t afford to lose new content. Finally, hosting plans that provide the same services are amazing for those who don’t have such a big budget. As long as you rent the server, everything is going to be fine. Automated backups will be there, in order for you to run the business properly.


What events causes lost of data?

Even if you just run a small website, you never know who’s going to find it. Don’t think only big companies are affected by cyber threats, because they’re everywhere. Your site may be broken in the future. It matters more how are you going to deal with this event. Hackers are also not your only concern. Sometimes you can cause more problems, especially if you change codes or install the wrong plugins. The backup will help you get over negative outcomes and brings things back to normal.

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