Virtual Private Server

Private virtual servers hosted in Romania, in a cloud computing platform high available built with innovative solutions.

The benefits of a VPS in the Cloud

A VPS running in the Cloud has solid advantages over a classic VPS.

Guarantee of data security

The data is replicated in real time on several servers within the Acvile Cloud Datacenter.

High Availability

A VPS is not connected to a physical server, but can be relocated instantly in another area of the data center in the event of a hardware failure.


Snapshot is an instant copy of all data on virtual server disk. A snapshot can be restored to the VPS with a single click.


Acvile Cloud provides manual and automated backup system for your instances.

Uptime Monitoring

Free Uptime monitoring for all Acvile Cloud instances.

Edge Exposure

Your application receive free DNS, subdomain and SSL certificate through Acvile Cloud Edge.


Resize your server with a single click. Servers can be resized instantly, including servers in Elastic Dedicated Server category.

Pay as you grow

Acvile Cloud Services are charged per hour within 500 hours in a month, no need for a fixed subscription.