Deploy and manage containerized applications more easily with a fully managed Kubernetes service.

Acvile Cloud Kubernetes Service

Change the way you deploy your project. Forever.

With Acvile Cloud Kubernetes you can control and automate deployments and updates, save money by optimizing infrastructural resources, scale resources and applications in real time and many other things.

Deploy smart

Acvile Cloud Kubernetes Service Features

Full Kubernetes API

You can use the Kubernetes API to read and write Kubernetes resource objects via a Kubernetes API endpoint.

Kubernetes Dashboard

The Kubernetes dashboard is included, providing a web interface to monitor your cluster activity, K8s resources, and error checks.

Full Control

You have control over the worker and master nodes.

Self-Healing Capabilities

Health checks are run automatically to ensure your nodes are functioning well.


Each node pool in a cluster can automatically scale up or down, adapting the number of nodes in your cluster to your workload.

Ingress Controller Choice

You can use Octavia Ingress Controller.

Openstack Magnum API

Openstack Magnum API is a service through which you can create and manage Kubernetes Clusters from the API.

Octavia Load Balancer

Load balancing is essential for enabling simple or automatic delivery scaling and availability. In turn, application delivery scaling and availability must be considered vital features of any cloud.

What can you do with Acvile Cloud Kubernetes Service?

Web apps

Deploy your web applications with all benefits of Acvile Cloud Kubernetes, easier scaling, higher availability, and lower costs.

API and backend services

With Acvile Cloud Kubernetes you can deploy, scale, and manage the services that power your applications.


Run CI/CD servers on Acvile Cloud Kubernetes to manage your development lifecycle, or just the Gitlab Runners to easily scale your build and integration pipeline.


Acvile Cloud Kubernetes helps to make your application run more stable and adapt to any workload.


Acvile Cloud Kubernetes is perfect for automating the management, scaling, and deployment of microservice applications.

Lambda Functions

Run your Lambda Functions on Acvile Cloud Kubernetes and take advantage of all the advantages it offers.

*Good to know! You are not limited to the examples we have exposed. We have the liberty to choose any of application to run with Acvile Cloud Kubernetes.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Acvile Cloud Kubernetes Service?
Acvile Cloud Kubernetes is a managed Kubernetes engine to host containerized applications.
Which Kubernetes versions are supported?
Acvile Cloud Kubernetes supports at least the latest version of the last 3 major Kubernetes releases.
What are the prices for the resources used within Cluster?
All prices for the resources used within the Acvile Cloud Kubernetes Cluster can be found here: Acvile Cloud Pricing.
How much am I billed for one cluster?
Pay as you grow, the nodes created within your cluster are billed, at the same price as the underlying VPS/EDS. Block Storages, Floating IPs and Load Balancers created in your cluster are also billed without additional cost.