Pricing Plans

Acvile Cloud implements the hourly payment. There is no minimum contractual period, a product can be used even for short periods of time (1 hour, 1 day, etc.), except for software licenses.

Block Storage (NVMe sau HDD)
Additional storage that can be attached to on-the-fly servers as an additional partition. Can be formatted in any type of filesystem, it is redundantly distributed across multiple physical servers (2-way replication), supports snapshots and runs high available.
Name Type Price (month) Description
High Density HDD €0.02 GB Hard Disk Storage suitable for large data capacities such as video, photo, archives, documents, or static files.
General Purpose NVMe HA €0.04 GB NVMe storage suitable for applications that require intensive I/O, such as databases or applications that use databases, email servers, gaming servers or web hosting.