1-Click Apps Marketplace

Applications that can be automatically installed on the server when it is created. Run with Docker and receive free DNS, subdomain and SSL certificate Let`s Encrypt, all through the Edge solution developed by Acvile Cloud

Available on Acvile Cloud

The selected application is installed for free on the server when it is created. For cPanel or Plesk, you can purchase a license directly from your account client.

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Everything you need to deploy your app

Improve your way to deploy apps with One Click Applications.

Ready to Deploy

Deploy and Expose your application with just one click

SSL Certificates

Your application is SSL certified by Let`s Encrypt.

Free Subdomain

Receive a free domain for your application.

Free DNS

DNS service that allows you to avoid browsing the internet only by IP.

Edge Solution

Edge Exposure is a solution developed by Acvile Cloud.


Your application runs in Docker.