We have thought and carefully selected all the elements related to the infrastructure, from the geographical location to redundancy and enterprise hardware.

Intel Scalable Family

All VPS packages we offer run on processors in the new Intel Xeon Scalable family.

DDR4 ECC memories

We use fast DDR4 memory with error correction (ECC) for guaranteed stability.


NVMs are Intel Enterprise, connected via PCI-E for very high transfer speeds.

AMD Epyc Milan (3rd)

Supercharged servers with the 3rd generation of AMD Epyc Milan. Enterprise-grade RAM @ 3200 MHz and CPU with 3.6 GHz Turbo Boost on all cores.

Software Defined Storage

All types of servers in the Cloud computing category benefit from high storage available. Each partition is redundantly distributed across multiple servers from the location.

Software Defined Network

Acvile Cloud has automated networks (software defined networks) that can scale linearly with the requirements of the applications.

Our data center is located in the western extremity of Romania, in Timisoara. The location is not accidental, this is the access to a fiber optic node that connects both with Central and Western Europe, but also with Eastern Europe.


Timisoara, Romania