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Azure vs. Acvile Cloud

Acvile Cloud was founded in 2017 with a main focus and highly scalable and performant cloud infrastructure. DevOps tasks can be automated with our open standard cloud based on OpenStack.

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Acvile Cloud Key points

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Prices always in advantage

Provider Name Price CPU Memory Storage IOPS Price
Acvile Cloud m1.g-2c-4g 14 EUR 2 4 GB 40 GB NVMe HA +400% Free - As many as you need
Microsoft Azure B2s 27 EUR +93% 2 4 GB 8 GB Pay per use - $0.04964/month

No Data Transfer fees

Acvile Cloud include free data transfer.
Azure services are all subject to data transfer fees that are often the cause of stacked hidden fees.
This is not unique to Azure as all of the large cloud services like AWS and Google do this same gouging of their customer base.
This separate fee for in and out data can prove quite costly for large companies, so you should be aware of this to avoid any surprises.

A Great Customer Experience

We are a Cloud Provider Startup and we believe a great user experience includes a great customer service and support.
We offer our users Live Chart Support, Ticketing System and a Knowledge Base.
We are happy to help our customers grow their business with our solutions.

Grow fast in the cloud at a good price

Acvile Cloud gives you full flexibility with resources you use at a good price, and you are in complete control of your performance and costs.
Our flexible hosting is billed by the hour so you will only pay for the services you use.
We are constantly improving our solutions and working on new tools that help our customers to grow faster.

Talk with a specialist

We’re here to help

We offer enterprise customers customized solutions for cloud transformation.
Sometimes a single VPS or even several at a time are not enough to satisfy the needs of applications with a high load or operating critical data.
We have long expertise in the development and design of cloud-ready applications, using technologies such as Kubernetes, service discovery, automatic scaling, load balancing, etc.

Acvile Cloud Services Acvile Cloud Services offers cloud-based services including compute, storage, databases, networking, kubernetes. These services help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale.