Web Hosting without limits

With Acvile Cloud Web Hosting, you don't worry about high traffic. We offer cPanel accounts without restrictions on the compute power. Your website will be UP without interruptions even during the most critical loads.

The best technologies for your business

Ready to dive in? Discover all the advantages of hosting the site at Acvile Cloud


Web hosting without a monthly subscription and without limits

You pay only for the resources consumed by your website. If you have a presentation website, the monthly costs will be close to zero.

Unlimited resources

There are no resource limitations (CPU, RAM, Storage, Bandwidth, Mail) so that our customers will not have interruptions of services due traffic or loads generated on the server

You pay as much as you use

Acvile Cloud implements the hourly payment. Pay As You Grow is designed to offer flexibility to customers, without the need for a fixed subscription

No contract period

There is no minimum contractual period, a product can be used even for short periods of time (1 hour, 1 day, etc.), except for software licenses

cPanel Software

The most popular and powerful control panel for web hosting which allows you to easily manage your hosting account

NVMe SSD Storage

Your data is securely stored on Enterprise NVMe SSD drives. Your website will have faster access times than ever.

Intel Xeon @ 4.0 GHz

We use high frequency CPUs that can reach 4.0 GHz frequency in Turbo Boost. Your websites will load faster.

All-in-one platform

Our web hosting plan has everything you need to get started now

Unlimited sites

Unlimited storage

Unlimited subdomains

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited FTP accounts

Cloudflare protected

SSH access

NVMe SSD Storage

Free cPanel panel

DNS management

Web Server Cache

WordPress managed

30 days money back

Free SSL

GIT access


Cronjobs unlimited

Automated Backup

99.9% uptime

Invite team members

Flexible pricing from 0 EUR

You can create a cPanel account for free. Once you start generating traffic and using SSD space, we will charge you only for that activity.

Traffic and Email

0.03 EUR/month for 1 GB internet traffic
0.05 EUR/month for each 1000 sent emails

NVMe SSD Storage

0.14 EUR/month for 1 GB of storage on our Enterprise NVMe SSD storage cluster.

Computing power

0.04 EUR/month for 1 CPU Core utilized at full power during 1h.
0.052 EUR/month for 1 GB RAM occupied for an entire hour.

Dedicated IP

2 EUR/month for 1 clean and dedicated IPv4 address assigned to your account.


1 Milion visits

We deployed the most popular website platforms and simulated real visitors, generating 1 Million visits in 24h. Below are the results with the price charged for the load.


~3.6 EUR
for 1 Million visits
  • LSCache plugin was used to optimize the load.


~5.3 EUR
for 1 Million visits
  • LSCache plugin was used to optimize the load.


~7.9 EUR
for 1 Million visits
  • LSCache plugin was used to optimize the load.