Pricing Plans

Acvile Cloud implements the hourly payment. There is no minimum contractual period, a product can be used even for short periods of time (1 hour, 1 day, etc.), except for software licenses.

Web hosting
With Acvile Cloud Web Hosting, you don't worry about high traffic. We offer cPanel accounts without restrictions on the compute power. Your website will be UP without interruptions even during the most critical loads.
You can create a cPanel account for free. You can create unlimited domains and email addresses for free. Once you start uploading files, getting traffic on your website or sending emails, we will charge you only for the load generated by that activity.
Your hosting account is divided into the following resources:
Resource Explanation
SSD space any file uploaded and stored on your hosting account
CPU and RAM each visit on your website generates a certain load on our servers, more exactly on its CPU and RAM components
Traffic the data being transferred between our servers and your clients
Emails any email sent from your configured email addresses
Pricing in numbers
Below is a deep breakdown of how each resource is charged.
Resource Price Unit Details
CPU € 0.04 hour (for a fully loaded CPU core (100%) during 1h) € 0.0004 /h for each 1% of a CPU core
SSD € 0.0002 hour (for 1 GB of NVMe SSD space used) € 0.144 /month for 1 GB in a 30 days month
RAM € 0.04 hour (for 1 MB RAM used for 1 entire hour) € 0.02 /h for 1 GB RAM
Traffic € 0.03 GB (for 1 GB of internet traffic generated by your account) -
Email € 0.05 1000 emails for each 1000 emails sent out from your hosting account.
IPv4 € 0.003 hour for a dedicated IPv4 Address (or 2 EUR/month)
Pricing in real world
You might wonder how much you will actually pay for hosting a website. We did some simulations on the most popular platforms and wrote down the results to you:
Platform Price Load
OpenCart € 3.6 1 Million website visits
Wordpress € 5.3 1 Million website visits
Prestashop € 7.9 1 Million website visits
*All websites were using the LSCache plugin to integrate with LiteSpeed Web Server cache and optimize the load.
Please note these are just simulations against simple deployments of the specified platforms.
Depending on how your website is optimized, you may encounter higher or lower prices.
For example, static websites tend to consume nearly 0% CPU or RAM, so you'll be charged only for the SSD space, while a complex website that heavly talks to the database (such as online shops or CRMs) will use much more CPU and RAM depending on the traffic.